We've used BENZ Connection of Naples for a long time. We trust them!

Ashley P.
Im so impressed by these guys. Fixed my tire in 10 minutes charged me 20$. It was so easy and I would go back for any auto repair needs. Just honest, skillful, and efficient. I know how hard it is to find so it was refreshing to say the least.

Cindy T.
I got a great condition use tire at a good price. Good people to talk to and good service.

Matthew B.
Brian, Paula, and the crew at this place are simply fantastic.
Honest, clear communication every time.
Only charge for necessary work.
I would recommend anyone with any car, especially a Mercedes or a Smart Car, give them business.
We are 12+ year customers, on Benz's, Smart cars, VW's and even a Cooper, and they always do their best to make things right.
They're so open and honest that they'll even send you over to the dealership if they think Merc has more expertise on a certain repair.

Za Z.
I brought my car to them for service and they did a number on it.Instead of just fixing the ac problem where i told them they decided it was just the compressor.$1,200 dollars later same problem.and if you value your paint job DO NOT let them wash your car!my perfect S500 Mercedes now has swirl marks and scratches all over the body and dried on soap that had to be rewashed again.If you bought a benz take it to a real shop dont deal with these ass clowns.

Chris P.
I've owned my 2003 E55 since new. Once out of warranty Mercedes Dealership prices were astronomical. Brian, Paula and their team at The Benz Connection has always been there for me like a family member. Great prices, Great Service and Great people to know.

Scott H.
Great work on all cars, especially older Mercedes. Brian has the knowledge, patience and skills to solve any problem. He is very creative, as they did work that most shops wouldn't touch. Fixed rust around rear window ledge after removing window. Removed entire interior to solve water leaks. They are detailed and meticulous, which suits my needs. Repairs are done on time at very reasonable prices. They seem to know other vendors that compliment their work, such as window, interior companies. Discounts given to MBCA members.

Very satisfied with their service. I have been to several shops in the area, and enjoy working with Benz Connection. A great place to take your car!

Ron C.
Best mechanic in all of Southwest Florida. Remembers every customer, their car, and what it was serviced for. Have had multiple cars from the 80's all the way to the 2000's serviced. Brian is knowledgable in everything automotive and will be able to address any problem you have with your car, as he did with me. Do not go anywhere else except Benz Connection!

Collin P.
Men working on engine—auto repair in Naples, FL
Benz Connection
of Naples
3126 Davis Blvd.
Naples FL 34104
Phone: 239-774-9290